wheel games

A wheel game for practicing action verbs and present continuous.

Letter Board

A group task. They pick a subject (house,seasons,school,animals....). They try to find out related voca  by
using letters.

It is a game used like a checker after what you 've taught. Birdie is a toy bird makes the students remember what they 've learned. They must throw it to each other in turn and say sth ( a word or a sentence) but they must do it in a quick sequence. What makes it exciting and enjoyable is '' they must be quick, they mustn't repeat the word and they mustn't wait .

Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players get points by forming words. They are formed across and down in crossword fashion. Of course The words must be meaningful!

Have the Ss into two teams and sit in lines. One S from the each team throws the dice and reads the question where his /her dice indicates. Their team is expected to answer it . If they do, they have the chance to go on the board but If not, They have to wait for another turn. The ones who reach to ''finish'' are the winners

Have all Ss sit in a circle. Use a machinery like a wheel ( you can have a wooden one ). Each student takes a turn to make it spin. He or She must say the picture (which the indicator shows) in english and make a sentence.

Choose a number

Class can be divided into two for this activity. One student stands for his/her team in turn. He / she picks up a letter and takes one of the cards out. Student is expected to read the key words ( some clues about an animal, an object, fruit or vegetable or anything else) and guess the secret words!