''Going to greengrocer''

Learning by doing : I hope to bring the real world into the classroom and encourage students to use it freely.During the lesson students are asked to write their own dialogue and act out.

Making sentences

Students are asked to put the words in an order in a particular time. As you know, they really like to work in a group and compete with each other. Meanwhile they learn to make correct sentences unconsciously!


Question words are crucial for meaning. So students try to make sentences

Opposite Adjectives

School Signs

Look at these clever owls   !

These lovely owls tell us ''pronouns'' from the front and ''possesive pronouns '' from the back.     
Find The Secret Word !  

Students make their own puzzle cards. They are handed out in a mixed way. So thet are expected to find the secret word in a short time. They use the initial letters of the words in the pictures which are in a regular pattern. and a word or a message comes out.                                                                                           

 Hanging out
For this enjoyable activity, students are handed out the copies of some funny pictures (different from each other). They are supposed to write what they see in the picture. For younger learners simple sentences and vocabulary are enough. As to older ones, They can comment on the pictures and write a story.
                                                         Write a speech

Question Words ?
what, why, which, who, whose, when, where, what time, what kind of .., how, how old, how many, how much, how long, how often..

copy, slow down, rinse, match, find, cross, wait, have fun, fight, touch, give,ask..

                                        Jumping Frogs
These frogs are enough lovely to attract students' attention. Each frog has a worksheet for their creators. Strongly recommended!!
                                       Flowers Blossomed Pronouns
Pronouns is one of the most difficult in English classes. So you can help them showing how to use tangibly. Students are expected to write '' personal pronouns on each leaf of the flowers. As for '' possesive pronouns'' they write these on each leaf , too but in addition , they are supposed to write '' object names in the middle of flowers .
                                                Activities - Sports -Games
'' swimming, camping, rafting, going for a walk, weight lifting, cycling, playing chess, fishing, taking dog for a walk, wrestling, doing puzzles, taking pictures, trekking, scuba-diving, diving, watching tv, drawing pictures, listening to music, reading books, riding horse, playing computer games, palying tag, playing hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, hangman, blind man's bluff, hide and seek..

Make your own flashcards

Fruit Head           Sentence Ladder
  It is preferable for younger learners. Students draw different fruit forms and cut ,then colour. You can stick these on the classroom's wall or You can make a fruit basket and use them without written names.Show them these forms and want answers.
You may need this activity in any subject 'cause it offers a good way of summarizing what you have taught, also it is suitable for all ages. Here is an example of usage '' Like '' and 3rd pronouns.
                                                               Body Parts
Students will have fun while making a paper clown

Verbs Aquarium
It is advised as it is a useful way of remembering the infinitive forms of verbs. Student can just have a look at them and ıf you place them in front of the students' eyes it will be great. everyday you can add more, when there is no place for all, you can stick '' colourful fish'' out of the aquarium as if they are jumping above ....

Plastic Plate Work
'' Verbs'' are fatal for our learners. But This activity offers a memorable scene in their minds. Don't forget to colour them!