Wednesday, May 25, 2011

English Day

Here are some ideas to get you started!

English Corner :It is a special corner in school which is avaible for english activities announcements,compettions, puzzles..Each month, students add new entries on the corner. Such as ; best song and singer's life, best movie, best book, delicious receipts,countries, proverbs, animals,science, education,cartoons..

School Signs: Students make school signs, by writing ,painting,designing and place them around the garden and in the corridors.

Faves of the week : is a classroom activity which processed by students following the daily events from Monday to Friday.

(The next monday is always the presentation day for the week behind.)

They present;

- The star of the week (most active student or the one who comes out with an unusual situation)

- Teacher of the week ( they talk about a teacher and give information about his/her life,hobbies,favourites,...)

- Spy of the week (the student who gets enough information about a friend or a teacher to give a presentation in english)

- Explorer of the week ( the one who searches for an interesting info such as ; planets,science,animals..)

Who am I ? : Each month , one student introduces himself/herself / a family member/a friend/ a famous person/ with photos,powerpoints and videos.

They are expected to present the most unusual videos or presentations.

Write your own verse! : There is a bulletin board which is used for onyl this purpose.Students are free to write their own verses on small pieces of paper and stick them on the that board.

Read and Share: Students read a book (no matter in English or in Turkish) but the result must be in English. Students give information about the characters with small sentences, show pictures or slayts and draw a scene which is the most memorable from the book and explain by using related materials in the classroom. This sharing activity is carried out every week according to their levels.

English Day: This day is celebrated at the end of the year to present whole year activities and crafts about language learning. Students prepare stands to show their works such as; magazines, brochures, models, games, project works,..

That day , students speak english among each other (at least they try even ıf mother tongue is part of it)

They sings songs and act short plays in english ,wear funny masks, and present the games that they designed

Families prepare delicious meals, cakes, as a feast for our stomachs:)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny Monsters

What always amazes me is how most of our students learn english unconciously.
Thinking that I just try to catch their soft spot to transfer what I m going to teach them.(sounds tricky:)
Or at least to raise an interest !

So, here comes a game again ( oops! this sentence reminds '' here comes the rain again'' by Eurythmics and cover of the song by Hypnogaja :) by the way I recommend )

I'd like to share a good game for large classes to make them busy.
Each student is given one sheet of paper , you read out an interesting description of a monster. The rest of the class draws the monster being described.Once the students have finished drawing, you show them the pictre of the monster you have .
As you guess, the winner is the one with correct picture.(you can hang these correct pictures on somewhere in the classroom to make them happy and motivated)
This game forces the students to listen carefully, notice ''adjectives,colours,numbers (describing appearances)

P.S: You can present the description projection it on the board (for slow and lower-level students)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Greets you!

Greetings to all,
My teaching life reminds me a film set as I have been on different stages, in different times and with different students' profiles up until now. Those who have worked at public schools know what is the meaning of it , you can always meet some suprises, Please don’t take it amiss , I'm quiet pleased about these adventures.I had opportunities to meet different problems to lead me to find solutions. Do you all agree with that? Im not a perfect teacher but we need problems to be the best. But no need to be problematic J

Im writing on ELT blogathon you can have a look at here.
Cause Im a hungry caterpillar ! I bet you know this lovely child story by Eric Carle (If not, you should try it with your little kids. It will be your students favourite as ıt helps with counting, days of the week and nutrition .)
It is about a caterpillar's life from egg to a beautiful butterfly. Im giving this example , please don’t say ‘’What's it got to do with it?’’ Im a caterpillar now and try to experience every moment of the life.
Im here to meet new people and ideas . Im sure you will contribute to my teaching with your excellent ideas and methods. Im glad to share with you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


How do you keep your students busy on the first day of the school??

Leaving a nice summer holiday behind, I'm back again.  Now we can get down to work.
All of us know that it is so hard to bring out a good lesson for the students who are full of energy..

But here is a little tip for you. Don’t wear yourself out!
Just make use of their energy. You know the answer . play a game !

ROBOT game
You can build up a game to cover classroom language. You should elicit some classroom language considering their age and level.  ( open your book , clean the board, touch your desk, be quite, don’t move, raise your hand, ) Here is a fun way to make it attractive ! you can add enjoyable instructions such as ; sleep, watch a horror film, drink a fizzy drink, touch your back, clap your hands, eat an apple…

When you tell or do the action , students should do it ,too. You can confuse them by telling one action and doing another action at the same time.
You can also choose one robot to perform ! They will try to be the best robot!