Sunday, September 19, 2010


How do you keep your students busy on the first day of the school??

Leaving a nice summer holiday behind, I'm back again.  Now we can get down to work.
All of us know that it is so hard to bring out a good lesson for the students who are full of energy..

But here is a little tip for you. Don’t wear yourself out!
Just make use of their energy. You know the answer . play a game !

ROBOT game
You can build up a game to cover classroom language. You should elicit some classroom language considering their age and level.  ( open your book , clean the board, touch your desk, be quite, don’t move, raise your hand, ) Here is a fun way to make it attractive ! you can add enjoyable instructions such as ; sleep, watch a horror film, drink a fizzy drink, touch your back, clap your hands, eat an apple…

When you tell or do the action , students should do it ,too. You can confuse them by telling one action and doing another action at the same time.
You can also choose one robot to perform ! They will try to be the best robot!

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