Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Greets you!

Greetings to all,
My teaching life reminds me a film set as I have been on different stages, in different times and with different students' profiles up until now. Those who have worked at public schools know what is the meaning of it , you can always meet some suprises, Please don’t take it amiss , I'm quiet pleased about these adventures.I had opportunities to meet different problems to lead me to find solutions. Do you all agree with that? Im not a perfect teacher but we need problems to be the best. But no need to be problematic J

Im writing on ELT blogathon you can have a look at here.
Cause Im a hungry caterpillar ! I bet you know this lovely child story by Eric Carle (If not, you should try it with your little kids. It will be your students favourite as ıt helps with counting, days of the week and nutrition .)
It is about a caterpillar's life from egg to a beautiful butterfly. Im giving this example , please don’t say ‘’What's it got to do with it?’’ Im a caterpillar now and try to experience every moment of the life.
Im here to meet new people and ideas . Im sure you will contribute to my teaching with your excellent ideas and methods. Im glad to share with you!

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