Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny Monsters

What always amazes me is how most of our students learn english unconciously.
Thinking that I just try to catch their soft spot to transfer what I m going to teach them.(sounds tricky:)
Or at least to raise an interest !

So, here comes a game again ( oops! this sentence reminds '' here comes the rain again'' by Eurythmics and cover of the song by Hypnogaja :) by the way I recommend )

I'd like to share a good game for large classes to make them busy.
Each student is given one sheet of paper , you read out an interesting description of a monster. The rest of the class draws the monster being described.Once the students have finished drawing, you show them the pictre of the monster you have .
As you guess, the winner is the one with correct picture.(you can hang these correct pictures on somewhere in the classroom to make them happy and motivated)
This game forces the students to listen carefully, notice ''adjectives,colours,numbers (describing appearances)

P.S: You can present the description projection it on the board (for slow and lower-level students)

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