COMENIUS project carried out by schools of seven different european countries: This project will help us be aware of the wealth of our lands and the importance of landscape in our ways of life as well as the changes we have made in the use of the natural resources in our surroundings. Children will explore the sorroundings and will learn about their explotation through the years, about the eco- systems they represent and about how to conserve this enviromental wealth

                              ''Bookmarks'' for penpals

''Art Project''

''Journey Through The Lap Books'' Project

We will have fun and learn while we are creating our lapbooks!
What's a lap book?
It is a creative tool for all ages.
A lap book is a great learning enchancer for it integrates reading,writting,critical thinking,math,science,history,literature,etc..

''Friendly Post''  Letter Project

We have a letter project with Poland , Bulgaria, UK and Romania. Students write to each other every month and they know their culture and country closer while using a second language. Students are very enthusiastic about this activity cause it is real life. They exchange their photos, cards, drawings, small gifts and crafts. Waiting answers from their penpals is also exciting.