We all need a '' tree''. It can be used with different subjects.
Egg Art

Feeling Expressions

It is a step which would help young learners to identfy the feelings and expressions such as '' jealous,worried,angry,shy,tired,sleepy,sad,funny,suprised,...'' can be drawn on eggs. You pick up an egg and show it to students . Then they will try to imitate by using facial expressions. Meanwhile they will have fun.

                                                              Don't Throw Away

You can mix answers and questions and ask your students to match them up. It is very useful way of remembering the question types. What's your name? Where are you from? What's your job? When is your birthday? How old are you? What's the weather like ? Whose books are those? How many sisters or brothers have you got? Which animal is a reptile? Why are you happy? What is the matter with Sam?

                                                                   Crown Caps

Keeping the idea of ''recycling an item is better than throwing it away'' in mind , my students collected crown caps and wrote just-learned-vocab. They also transform it in a game by grouping the caps. They try to group the words in a particular time.
                                                           Word Box

Turn Your Chance

It a wooden machinery on which some grammar rules can be written. It works for a chance game. One student from each group turns it for his or her group and They are checked whether they are good at making sentence within rules or not.